Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where is my second trimester relief?!

Ugh...I have been up since 1:47 am. I had to pee (up to two times a night!), but I could not get back to sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is kicking in already.....With Braeden, I didn't really experience it until the last month or so. I cannot get comfortable, and I keep getting this sciatic nerve pains up my right side. Luckily, I have not had the horrible leg cramps I got with Braeden (knock on wood...although I am sure they will rear their ugly head in the third trimester...only 2 weeks away, yikes!). I am pretty sure Ashlyn's head is pressing against my bladder....it doesn't help that it is bigger than normal!

With Braeden, my second trimester was so easy. I was like an energizer bunny putting together registry lists and putting together the nursery....all the while works over 30 hours and finishing my last semester of nursing school! I even remember painting the entire living room (with the safe paint, in a well ventilated room, and with a mask on) because I could not wait for Chris to get around to doing it (I nested early with Braeden!)! This time around....I think I had maybe two weeks where I felt somewhat normal and like I had a second wind. But I soon was back to napping with Braeden everyday and starting to feel the discomforts of pregnancy.

The funny thing....despite all the issues I am having....I LOVE being pregnant. I think my huge belly is beautiful and love the attention it brings, and the baby kicks are to die for! Sure, I am less motivated to nest and get things ready, but at the same time, I do not have nearly as much to do as when I was pregnant with Braeden. I have put together a registry list with Babies R Us just to keep myself organized...All I really need is a double stroller, another crib, and a new baby bath tub. And baby girl clothes....I think I was done with shopping a week after we found out the gender!

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