Monday, March 16, 2009

Let Him Eat Cake

Braeden officially turn 1 year old today! Since we had the big party yesterday, we just did a mini celebration today. Chris's parents and sister came over (my parents couldn't make it...) for dinner (Chris cooked so it was delicious) and leftover cake. Braeden better not get used to all this cake!

I think this past weekend was overwhelming and tiring for Braeden....he fell asleep at 7pm tonight (he tends to be more of a night owl....bedtime is usually after 9pm).

Since Braeden went to bed early tonight, he missed his official birthday at 8:05pm. Chris and I were on the couch cuddling and watching tv (first time in a long time we have had that luxury!) when I glanced at the clock and noticed the time...8:05pm! I pointed the time out to Chris and tears proceeded to well up in my eyes. Before I knew it, I was bawling like a baby...with happy tears of course.

The past year flashed before my eyes, and I took a moment to think about how truly blessed my life is now. I cannot even put in words the emotions I felt tonight....What a bad blogger I am! All I can say is that this past year has flown by, but I know that the years to come will bring us even more joy!

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