Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Super" News!

According to the D&C website (because I am too "modern" to actually read an actual paper newspaper), Greece residents protesting a Walmart at the Northgate Plaza have once again been dismissed. This means that most likely a SuperWalmart will be resurrected about 3 minutes from my house.

Part of me is secretly be honest I am "Super" excited!! Come on....a Walmart in walking distance from my house is pretty convenient. Plus, then I will not have to travel to the "ghetto" to shop at the Hudson Titus SuperWalmart where the employees act like it is an inconvinence to check out your purchases or God forbid actually assist you in anyway (come grateful to actually have a job in this economy!). I often will travel all the way to Macedon to visit the new Walmart....that store is pretty nice for being Walmart and the workers have always been "Super" pleasant!

While, I understand the controversy with Walmart and would prefer to shop American whenever possible, I have a family to raise and would like to budget my money in a responsible way. I got a huge amount of groceries this week plus other non-grocery purchases and spent $ previous Wegmans shopping bill for just groceries was well over $200! I must admit, I love a bargain! Just don't tell Chris his wife shops at *gasp* Walmart! Damn, Wegmans loyalist! Why should I support Danny's tacky suit jacket and alleged blow habits anyway?! Seriously though, I do respect the Wegmans family and their business....I just need shopping options!

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