Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pre-K Bound!

Remember when you were applying for colleges and how exciting it was to get that big envelope in the mail? Well, as a parent, it is just as exciting and nervewrecking getting a Pre-K acceptance letter in the mail! 

Braeden has a spot in Pre-K for the Fall!

Upon opening, we discovered Braeden will be attending a Pre-K at a local elementary school that is about 5 minutes from our home in the afternoons.  This will work out great!  I can drop B off at school, make a quick stop at the Wegmans across the street if we need any groceries and get home in time to put the girls down for their afternoon naps.

I am reluctant about going the public school route, but I have decided to use our Pre-K experiences as a way to test drive the public school district.  If we are not satisfied, we will strongly consider going the Catholic school route instead.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bird and Owl Party Favors

Party Favor Table 

I spray painted the ceramic owl and birds that I found at Michaels for $2.50.  The birdhouses were also found at Michaels for $1, which I painted, stuffed with shredded paper and added a small adhesive bird decal to.  They were placed on spray painted candle sticks purchased at the Dollar Tree.   

The Party Bags

These party bags were crazy easy to make, and I think they are freaking adorable!  Start with a plain gift bag.  I used a 2" scallop punch to cut out white cardstock, and then I glued a blue sparkly foam circle in the middle (in hindsight, I wish I used a small circle punch for the eyes so they would be perfectly round and even).  I cut triangles (free handed it) out of orange sparkly foam sheets for the nose.  Attach two eyes and a nose to each bag....and ta da!  Instant owl goodie bag! 

Party favors included: miracle bubbles (from Target; $5 for 12); bird whistle (from Toys R Us for $0.50 each); mini paint kit (from Toys R Us for $0.50 each); paintable bird (from JoAnns for $0.25); molding clay (from Toys R Us for $0.50each)

Whooooo wants to Paint? Bird and Owl Arts and Crafts

I admit that I can be a bit of an overzealous party planner, and when I have a vision, I run with it!  For Ashlyn and Maddyn's joint Bird and Owl themed birthday party, I decided I needed to incorporate birdhouses in some way.  I took a stroll through Michaels and lo and behold, there are paintable birdhouses for $1!  What a perfect arts and craft activity! 

(All supplies to paint birdhouses can be found at Michaels)
I found these adorable paintable masks at Joann's for $1 each. 
I painted them beforehand, and viola, perfect photo prop for a bird themed party! 
To the right, you can see a basket filled with supplies to make sand art necklaces. 

The birthday girl painting a birdie! 
This picture is classic Ashlyn...she is always such a hoot!

Pretty girl wearing her sand art necklace she made at the arts and crafts table. 

Second party outfit!  
Yup, we anticipated her gorgeous party dress getting paint on it and were prepared.  Great news: the crayola paint is definitely washable, and her dresses came clean in the wash!     

Painting a birdhouse 

 Braeden loved making the sand art necklaces. 
He made one for various family members and friends! 

I didn't realize that the sandart kids I purchased at Michaels did not include strings to make them into necklaces, but we improvised and used leftover ribbon from the party decorations.  I think they turned out super cute!

 The arts and crafts table

The arts and crafts table
Suffice to say, the arts and crafts table was a hit with the kids and adults alike!