Monday, March 30, 2009

Designer Hospital Gowns

I have been seriously considering bringing my own gown to Labor and Delivery lately. There are a bunch of sites online that sell designer overprized hospital gowns....I know you only will wear it once and ruin it when the baby is born. It is not at all about being stylish to me either....really, I am not that vain! When I had Braeden I sucked it up and wore the hospital issue gown. I understand that I will look like hell after going through labor and delivery no matter what I am wearing.

So why am I so serious about spending $50+ on a trendy gown? Working in a hospital, I see the nasty things those hospital gowns go through....Bodily fluids you don't want to hear about (urine, stool, vomit, bile, blood, sputum...yeah that is what being a nurse is really all about!). Lately I have noticed linen coming back from the laundry room soiled and stained (I bet they switched detergents to be more cost effective). And I know it will be just my luck that I get the hospital gown that the elderly incontinent patient with c-diff demolished before putting it in the dirty linen hamper....

So please don't call me a princess if my L&D pics show I am wearing an overprized ridiculous designer gown....It is solely for hygiene reasons (okay, maybe part of me wants to look a little cute for my post delivery pics)!

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