Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Momma's Nervous

Here is my 4D ultrasound picture from yesterdy! Ashlyn was all curled up resting like a little angel, but we did manage to get a pretty good view of her face. I think she kind of looks like Braeden....but I think even the 4D pictures are kind of funny looking to begin with.
The midwives called today to schedule me for an appointment tomorrow at 3pm. I didn't ask for details, but now I am kicking myself. I am worried that something else is wrong, which is why they want to see me again so soon. The u/s tech did not mention anything out of the normal so I initially figured it was just to sum up Dr. M's report and to schedule the fetal MRI. Now I am not so sure.....Why not just tell me over the phone and then wait for my appointment on the 17th. I am looking at the ultrasound images from yesterday trying to see something new. I have overanalyzed the 4D image thinking that I might have seen a cleft lip. But I am not trained at ultrasonography in the least so I am driving myself crazy with every little shadow.
I know I vent this frequently....but ugh! I cannot stand not knowing! I WANT ANSWERS! Okay, now I feel better!

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