Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Einstein

My baby's a genius....and I have the video to prove it (albeit not the best quality video...sorry!) His new favorite trick is pointing out where to find his belly. He even lifts up his or my shirt to point to the belly. What a smart baby!

Another Baby Einstein moment today....At the doctors, there was a picture with kittens on it. I pointed it out and said "look at the kitties Braeden." 10 minutes later after the doctor came and went, he looked at the picture, pointed, and said "kitty." Braeden's first real word back in December was "cat," and he always follows Ginger Pumpkin around when we are visiting Meme and Papa. I really think we need to get him a kitten....Unfortunately, Chris is not convinced and has an irrational fear of felines.

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