Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kirch Developmental Center

Another 8:30am doctor appointment.....I am still NOT a morning person. Ugh! But these early appointments allow Chris to come with me so I cannot complain. This morning, we had an appointment with Dr. Sulkes, a developmental pediatrician at the Kirch Developmental Center. I am so glad that I can finally say this: this doctor is great!! I have not been terribly impressed with the care we have been receiving with the perinatal group....basically because I feel like they are not keeping us in the loop as adequately.

Dr. Sulkes made every effort to answer our questions and give us information. He even looked up the results of the fetal MRI for us! Besides explaining what the Kirch Center is all about, he gave us straightforward information on what to expect in our situation regarding hospitalization and surgery. Most importantly, he reassured us that despite most likely requiring a surgically placed shunt early in life, Ashlyn should have no problems with walking and talking. With the issues at hand, she is at risk for developmental delays, but that does not mean she will never meet such milestones. Plus, the Kirch Center will provide "Early Intervention" to help facilitate her developmental progress.

Now for newest information about Ashlyn's beautiful brain.....The fetal MRI basically shows ventriculomegaly of the lateral and third ventricles, which we knew. The images show that the amount of subarachnoid space is within normal limits, and the corpus callosum is visible and appears complete....both good things. The radiologist's report agrees with what our ultrasounds have shown...that it appears to be due to some sort of blockage or narrowing in the aqueduct of sylvius (called Aqueductal Stenosis). The MRI does not indicate that there was the presence of any brain mass (tumor) causing the blockage. They cannot rule out that there is a webbing in the aqueduct causes backup of CSF in the ventricles. So basically.....not a whole lot of new information. Kind of reinforces the diagnosis we have been given. But overall it is reassuring in the fact that no other issues were detected...it is still looking like an isolated birth defect at this point (phew).

I have decided that I need to get a medical binder for Ashlyn together before she is born. So I am going to request at my prenatal appointment on Friday that I get copies of all ultrasound and MRI reports. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

I am currently 34 weeks 1 day pregnant so that means that it is possibly that in less than 3 weeks Ashlyn will be here! That is if delivering at 37 weeks is still the plan (hopefully we'll find out on Friday). In the meantime, I still have so much to do (some things more important than others)!!

  1. NICU visit
  2. Tour of Strong L&D
  3. Meet with Pediatric Neurosurgeon
  4. Pack my hospital bags (bags for Chris and Braeden too!)
  5. Pre-register at the hospital
  6. Fill out short term disability forms
  7. Prepare Ashlyn's medical binder
  8. Install car seat bases
  9. Pick out our double stroller
  10. Get house "baby ready"
  11. Find out if the glider chair is still under the mountain of clothes I have neglected to put away....consider unburying it before Ashlyn arrives
  12. Put batteries in all the baby bouncers and swings
  13. Find a house flag that says "It's a Girl"
  14. Pick up last minute baby supplies (still need NB size side snap t-shirts, mittens, hats, etc)
  15. Get Ashlyn her own medical supplies (ie, thermeter, nasal aspirator) and label so she and Braeden don't share germs
  16. Store away any of Braeden's too small or out of season clothes and accessories
  17. Find a 12month size "Big Brother" onesie or t-shirt
  18. Get new jump drive for digital pictures and videos
  19. Upload all the videos from my iFlip so that I actually have space to record baby videos
  20. Get the guest bedroom mom ready
  21. Stock the freezer with easy meals
  22. Install ceiling fans in bedrooms (prevents SIDS)
  23. Don't forget Chris and my anniversary on May 17th!!

This list is seriously making me want to go lie down and nap. So much too do...and did I mention Chris is going to be out of town for 4 days at a conference (May 3-6)....Can I start maternity leave now?!

(Cartoon courtesy of www.baby-gaga.com)

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  1. Wow you have a long list girl! I hope you get it all done in time! We are still Praying!