Monday, March 9, 2009

Braeden's Favorite Things #2

For week #2, I decided to do Braeden's Favorite Toys (that are not really toys).

1) Car keys.....In particular, my car keys because he has discovered that when he pushes the lock button that the horn beeps. Our neighbors must love it when he pushes the button for 15 minutes straight!

2) Remote Controlls....Typical guy always hogging the remote. Luckily, he isn't tuning the tv to ESPN 24/7. In fact, we have discovered some interesting channels we never knew existed before!

3) Cellphones....From birth, Braeden has been fascinated with cellphones. He has done some pretty interesting things with it too....He has taken a picture of mommy's foot, added a # (like the actual # symbol) to my contact list, and enabled bluetooth mode all on his own! Next thing you know, he will be calling China and texting my ex-boyfriends. Allowing a baby to play with your cellphone is almost as bad as drunk dialing I think...4) Wii Controller....When Daddy plays Wii, Braeden will grab the other controller and pretend he is the one playing. So cute....but heaven forbid if a second person wants to play!

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