Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ultrasound #1 Million?

We had yet another ultrasound this morning. After not being able to see the doctor last month, I was looking forward to meeting with the perinatologist (Dr. M) today. I had a bunch of questions in hand ready to be answered. Unfortunately, my questions are still unanswered as he was in a meeting again this week. Ugh! So frustrating!

The ultrasound tech said that the ventricles measured about the same as last time. So that is good that things are not getting any worse. She took a good look at the heart because I needed to have an official fetal echo, but the doctor was not available to perform it. The tech said everything looked fine though and that Dr. M could follow up next time we see him (hopefully that will be before I go into labor...note the sarcasm!). I need to get a fetal MRI scheduled, but apparently that is something the doctor needs to take care of. But the ultrasound tech promised me that he would be in touch with me, either directly or through my midwife office.

So I am officially in a pissy mood today....So frustrated and sick of waiting for answers. I am trying to stay positive. I feel like Ashlyn is thriving and will be happy and healthy....but I do not like feeling like we are not being adequately prepared by the medical team. Being in the medical profession as a nurse, I feel it is very important for patients and family members to be in the loop regarding their medical conditions, prognoses, etc and be able to ask questions and get appropriate responses. I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt....after all I am still a patient of the midwives (not that they are getting much more information than I am!) and so far nothing is alarmingly wrong with Ashlyn. On a positive note....we got a cool 3D ultrasound of her face! I'll post it later when I scan it in. Oh and according to the ultrasound machine, she weighs 2lbs 4oz! What a big girl!!

On the way home, I became even more enraged when I saw a van in front of me with a toddler (probably just a little older than Braeden) who was unrestrained in a women's lap. He was swaying and squirming all over the place. How can people be so stupid?! In addition, the driver of the van was hitting another passenger....and it didn't look like they were just fooling around. I didn't know what else to do so I took a digital picture of the license plate. I called 911 and reported the incident once I pulled in my driveway. Hopefully, the police were able to locate the van...I could not live with myself if I didn't report it and later found out they got in an accident and that little boy was injured. He doesn't deserve to suffer because this parents are morons....

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