Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kate(zilla) Hang in There!

I have a couple (hundred) guilty pleasures....TLC shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids and Counting, and probably the Octopussy (my name for the Octomom)'s show (come know they will offer her a deal in due time). My other is cheap gossip mags like Life and Style and InTouch. In my oh-so-credible issue of one of the aforementioned mags, I have learned that Jon and Kate are divorcing (possibly). The article states that Jon (allegedly) has been staying 3 hours away from their home where his mother lives and partying it up with college girls at the local bars.

So I find Kate to be a bit of a bitch (ok...a HUGE bitch!). Joel McHale (of The Soup) is right on when he nicknamed her Katezilla! I feel so uncomfortable when they are sitting side by side doing their interviews. She berates him constantly and rarely lets him get a word in edgewise. I have been waiting for the day when he snaps at her....Little did I know he would go the cheating scumbag route. Playing beer pong with college girls?! Jon I am disappointed in your frat boy ways....Sure you have a sad, loveless marriage, but get a divorce first before embarrassing your wife who is at home who is caring for your 8 children.

Kate is a super bitch....but if I were staying at home with 8 bratty children, you could guarantee I would embrace my inner bitch and drive away anyone with a penis. No wonder Octopussy has been single for 8 years! Note to self: Stop making babies after number 4 just to be safe. I am no Michelle Duggar...she is the exception to kids making mommy bitchy rule....but that is probably only because she is half pod person. Seriously, has she ever raised her voice?! But I digress....I just hope that my trashy gossip magazine has their facts wrong (shocking prospect, right?).....but at least if it is true, the next season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 should be quite entertaining!

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