Monday, March 2, 2009

Braeden's Favorite Things #1

So I think each week, I will try to post a list of some of Braeden's Favorite Things. This week we will do favorite foods:

1) YoBaby yogurts....Since around 8 months, Braeden has loved yogurt for breakfast. Unfortunately, he has a stubborn streak and hates being fed with a spoon so our breakfasts have become quite messy.

2) Granola Bars especially what we call the "Grover Bars." Sure they have gotten all smashed in my new carpeting, but Braeden loves them!

3) Goldfish crackers....Because goldfish are such an easy and mess-free snack, mommy is a fan too!

4) Organic Smiley Snacks....Braeden loves them, while Mommy says they taste like cardboard.

5) Gerber Yogurt Melts....A true compromise. Yogurt for Braeden, and no messes for mommy!

Stay tuned next week for another installment of Braeden's Favorite Things

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