Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Multiple Mommies Updates

So it looks like according to CNN (yes, I don't just rely on UsWeekly for my celebrity news!), that Octopussy(AKA Nadya Suleman) has fired a free nursing service. What a dumbass....Free is free, and you have 14 children to raise. She worries that the nurses were spying and going to report her to CPS. So now she plans to pay nurses for helping....but in reality, they are just as likely to report her if need be. It sounds like me that Octopussy just wants help in the form of money....not actual baby help after all. She will be milking this for all it's worth.....

In other news of multiple mommies....the season finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 was on. The previews hyped up the finale....alluding to divorce bells? But after 55 minutes of constant reminders that Jon's mother was injured and needed him to briefly abandon his family to help her out, it turns out that Jon is not convinced there will be a Season 5 because he can't be Jon...he has to always be Jon and Kate Plus 8. He wants his privacy....I guess he doesn't like to be called out on his immature behavior. Did his mom really need his help by playing beer pong with college girls?

Well, Jon, this is the simple truth....you are living a pretty good life because of the show. That new million dollar house is not too bad.....You got free hair plugs....Your wife got plastic surgery and a nice makeover.....The kids get too go on tons of free vacations....Not too shabby life you got. And surprisingly the kids seem pretty well adjusted for being in the public eye. But what it all boils down to is who wears the pants in that family (Katezilla!)....rest assured there will be a Season 5.

Finally, there is a new multiple family on the TLC block....Table for 12 premiered last night. They have an extra set of twins...take that Gosselin family! I actually like this family for some reason....not sure why exactly. I only watched the first 10 minutes because it was on at 10pm...but I will finish the rest of the episode today if it doesn't interfere with naptime.... One of the children has cerebral palsy so I definitely give those parents credit not just for raising 10 children...but for raising a special needs child. I guess the fact that they have a disabled child hits close to home considering we are not sure how Ashlyn will be developmental because of her condition.

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