Friday, March 27, 2009


What a good day! I had a lazy day as is my usual Friday routine. I finished reading my book instead of taking a nap before work....but so glad I did because work put me on call tonight. Chris bought me a bouquet of calla lilies on the way home from work for no reason at all (awwww). And he made one of my favorite dinners....chicken parm soup. Because I didn't have to go to work, we ran some errands, and I got the next Twilight book and the DVD (obsessive, much?!). I wanted to get ice cream, but instead Chris took me to I got a venti chocolaty chip frappacino instead, the next best thing to ice cream. I got brain freeze, but it was so worth it! Now I am off to do a little housework and watch my new movie....and pray that I will not be called in to work tonight!

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