Friday, May 15, 2009

My Prenatal Marathon

Well, Braeden will be a big brother by June 1st!!

Today, I had my 36 week was a marathon day of appointment NST, ultrasound, appointment with the doctor, and visit to Strong's NICU. First we had the NST, which was perfectly reactive. Then, an ultrasound was done. The ventricles in her brain are continuing to increase in size (not good...but expected to happen at this stage). Her head circumference is measuring 42 weeks....Yikes! The estimated weight was 8lbs 4 oz! Granted that estimate is calculated using the disproportionate head size...but still....she is going to be huge! Braeden weighed 8lbs 5 oz when he was born on his due date, and I thought that he was a big boy.

Based on the ultrasound, my doctor discussed needing a c-section. We decided to schedule it for 39 weeks because as she will most likely need a shunt, we want her to have optimal time to mature and develop her lungs fully. This will give her the best chance of having a complication free surgery. But we don't want to schedule the c-section too late where I go into labor on my own....because her head is not going to fit!

So June 1st is the big day! It is great to have a date scheduled...but now I have a plan in action, I am afraid she will have other plans and try to come early. My doctor said that if I were to deliver this weekend, there is a good chance I could try to deliver vaginally. As much as I wanted another vaginal delivery, I am now terrified of the thought seeing the latest measurements...Let's just hope she stays put until June 1st.

Ashlyn will have to spend some time in the NICU after she is born and after her surgery. We got the tour this morning....and my goodness she will look out of place there! Imagine my big (probably well over 9lb) baby girl with all the preemies weighing barely 2lbs....She will look like a giant! At least, I feel lucky that she will be a healthy weight and age despite the one set back. The NICU visit was very helpful, and I really liked the attending doctor we met with. He seemed very compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Today, I officially am on maternity leave! Now, I just need to get that nesting instinct going....14 days to get everything ready!!

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