Friday, May 22, 2009

Countdown is still on!

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I had my 37 week appointment today. NST first....perfectly reactive. I met with the doctor next and signed the consent form for my c-section (after going over all the lovely ways I might die during the surgery....). We are still on for June 1st. Although, she did say that if I were to go into labor this weekend, they would consider doing an ultrasound and deciding if her head is small enough to allow me to deliver vaginally. That option makes me just as nervous as having a c-section though.....

I asked if they would still be able to do a transverse cut for the c-section (AKA bikini cut), and the doctor said it would depend on the size of Ashlyn's head right before surgery. So next Friday we will have another ultrasound to see where we are at and make a decision based on that information. I am praying I will not need the dreaded vertical incision.....Good news is that the doctor who will most likely be performing my surgery is Dr. Q who I have met and actually liked! I probably should google her and find out if she has ever been sued or left surgical tools in her patients or anything like that.....

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