Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shopping with Braeden

Today, Braeden and I did some shopping and ran some errands. We went to Buy Buy Baby, which recently opened in the area. I love this new baby store! Don't get me wrong, Babies R Us is great, but BBB seems to have a bigger selection and more high end products. We tested strollers and decided we like the double Peg Perego stroller they carry. It is side to side, but it just pushes so much easier than the front to back ones. Now I just have to bring Chris back so he feels like he gets a say in the matter (don't feel bad for him....that is how he likes it!). After we paid for a few smaller items we started leaving the store when Braeden decided to start making funny noises....check out the video I got:

After Buy Buy Baby, we went to Babies R Us since I wanted to get a temporal thermometer. Turns out they were out of stock. But they had some good sales on baby clothes so I picked Ashlyn up a few things and got Braeden his Easter outfit. I saw that the bedding was $25 off plus I had a 15% coupon that expired today so I plan on bringing Chris back after we get out of my doctor appointment tonight. There are 3 bedding sets I like so I think I will let Chris have the final say...I'll post a picture after we make the purchases.

We also made a stop at Target. No day at Target is complete without Braeden checking out the musical cards. I got a video, but he usually dances more to the music. Oh well...check it out:

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