Monday, March 16, 2009

Braeden's Favorite Things #3

This week we will explore Braeden's favorite animals.

Cats: Braeden loves cats. He loves to stalk Ginger Pumpkin whenever we visit my parents. Back in December while Christmas shopping at Kohls, he said his first "real" word...CAT (we had been looking at Cat in the Hat stuffed animals). If he sees a picture of a cat, his face will light up....Cats definitely make Braeden happy. We are still waiting for the day that daddy (who is terrified of cats...what a p*ssy...pun intended!!) caves and lets us get a kitten....

Birds: Apparently Braeden loves birds. At the park last week, forget the swings and slides....All Braeden was interested in were the damn sea gulls and pigeons...or "rats with wings" as I like to say. He kept pointing at them and watching them fly away. He also enjoys checking out the birds at Petco...he just doesn't like when they get squawking too loudly.

Fish: Of course, Braeden loves fish! After all, his "big brother" is our goldfish, Dwight. Our fish tank is covered in fingerprints because Braeden is always touching the glass and waving to Dwight. Whenever we go the doctor's office, we have to check out the tropical fish tank on the way out. We had fish centerpieces for his pirate party because I knew how much he loves fish. Here is a picture of him checking out a tank of fish at a restaurant we recently visited:

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