Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Postpartum Random Ramblings....

After one month, I finally worked up the courage and tried on my pre-preggo jeans. Miraculously, they fit perfectly! I was kind of hoping they wouldn't because I love the oh-so-comfy elastic waistpants of maternity jeans and pajama pants.

My postpartum support band (pictured above) deserves come credit I suppose!

After initial celebration that my jeans fit once again, I am now mourning the loss of my baby bump. The flab in place of where Ashlyn used reside is not nearly as cute and does not kick back. As much as I would complain towards the end, I love being the belly that comes along with it and all the attention that big pregnant belly brings.

The aftermath of pregnancy is not nearly as exciting. Sure my jeans fit, but my skinny that is another story. And my belly is still tender and feels numb from the c-section. The only attention I get is random strangers wondering " she pregnant or just fat?"

Sure, stretch marks fade and ab muscles can get their tone back....but why must it take months to accomplish? If I am not allowed to have another baby for a long time (per my hubby and my rationale side), I want my body back dammit...and I want it back NOW!

I probably should be hitting the gym instead of sitting on my booty blogging ranting. If I get into a routine and get a chance to have a daily shower while raising my two babies, then I will consider heading back to the RAC. After all, they still debit my checking account roughly $40 each month, and I seriously have not been to the gym in at least 300 days. That is $480 that goes to waste annually......

Yeah, I think I definitely need to start making an effort. I don't even care about the skinny jeans anymore. In this economy, I am going to get my money's worth from that gym membership. Yoga....sign me up! Pilates....I could get into that! Spinning....let's do it! I can stop showering at home and use their facilities everyday. They offer cheap babysitting for babies 4 months and older...I definitely will need to hit up those services! And instead of buying my trashy gossip mags at the Wegmans check-outs, I will leisurely use an elliptical and borrow a big stack of their collection. Hell, maybe I could cancel our cable and just watch my favorite TV shows at the gym (I don't think Chris will be on board with that one!). Sounds like a plan.....

And yet here I am still online........Now, if only they replaced the TV sets on the exercise bikes with laptops. I wonder if the RAC has a suggestion box?!

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