Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So this is my 200th post....better make it good, right? Hmmmm.....How about an overabundance of pictures post? After all, that is how I blog best! Here are pictures from this past Saturday at my cousin's graduation party:

Ashlyn all dolled up in her Janie and Jack bathing suit cover up that I transformed into an adorable tunic.Such a cutie pie!

Braeden and Papa Braeden and MeMe Braeden and BuggyBraeden trying to play shuffleboard like the big boys!

Braeden, Daddy, and Travis
Ashlyn cuddles with MeMe
Braeden, Daddy, and Balloon
Braeden, MeMe, and MeMe's Keys
Braeden and Mommy
(well, technically 2nd cousins)

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