Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Football Frenzy

I know Braeden looks super cute in that picture....but the real MVP of our touch football game was ME!! Can you believe it? Who knew football was my calling in life? I scored 3 touchdowns!

I had so much fun playing too! I missed out on the memorial day game because I was "too pregnant" (I showed all the naysayers by doing a cartwheel while 38 weeks preggers!). I was looking forward to the opportunity to play and hoped that I would be healed enough to play this tiem around. Well, my c-section incision is a little sore now...but the pain was worth the fun afternoon I had with my family!

And now for some Friends quotes (Ooooo....I should add Friends quotes to my blog more often!).

Monica-"We have to pick captains."
Chandler-"And Tenniels."

Rachel-"Maybe there's some kind of league that we can join."
Phoebe-"Isn't there a national football league or something?"
Joey-"Yeah, but they only play on Mondays and Tuesdays."
Rachel-"Oh shoot, I have to work Mondays."

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