Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Weeks Old!?!?

That's right....Ashlyn is 5 weeks old. Why is the time flying by?!

We had a check-up today at the pediatrician's office. Drumroll please......

Weight.....10 lbs 8 oz
Height......21 1/2 inches
Head.........41 centimeters

My little girl is getting so big!! She gained one whole pound in two weeks. And only with her mommy's milk (I am pretty proud of myself!). Her growth curves are looking good....she is staying right on track in the 75-90% for height and weight. Her head circumference is still bigger than normal and up 1/2 centimeter, but at least her head is not getting much bigger. The shunt seems to be working very well!

Ashlyn continues to have problems with spitting up and occasionally projectile vomits. She gets fussy at times, looks uncomfortable, and arches her back. Just like Braeden, it looks like she has developed a bad case of acid reflux/GERD. Our pediatrician and I decided to start her on Zantac, an H2 blocker. If the medication doesn't work, Ashlyn might need to get a procedure done to take a look at her esophagus and digestive tract to see if something else is going on. But right now, it seems most likely that she has GERD, which the medication will help, and she will grow out of.

One other issue with Ashlyn is that over the weekend, I noticed her tongue had a white patch on it. At first, it just looked like leftover milk...but this morning, it started looking like thrush. I had our pediatrician take a look, and she agreed that Ashlyn has the early stages of thrush. So we got a second prescription for Nystatin.

All and all, her check up went well. She did get another Hep B shot, which she did very well with....just cried for 15 seconds and then was fine when I cuddled her. She is such a good baby!

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