Saturday, July 18, 2009

Portrait Simple

I am usually very good about not making eye contact with those people in the mall at little kiosks trying to bait you in and sell something. However, on Wednesday, I looked up too soon and made direct eye contact with one of those people. It turned out to be some divine intervention because he wasa new photographer with Portrait Simple . He still needed to do a training session with a newborn baby and would give me two free photos when he was done!

I haven't even blogged yet about my crappy experience at JCPenny's for portraits last month.....I will rant later and post those pictures. They came out thanks to the photographer who acted like we were wasting her time or something. Unfortunately, my hope of a beautiful family portrait was unfounded.

Anyway, the Portrait Simple photographer took pose after pose of Ashlyn. I just wished he could have taken Braeden's photo too! I could not rationally buy more than the free pictures especially since we spent so much money on the JCP pics. Here are the two free portraits I choose:

I love the simple look and will definitely be returning....and hopefully get a beautiful family portrait! They are more pricey than the department stores, but for the quality it is worth it. Plus, each session is 1 1/2 hours long as opposed to 20 minutes. Yay, no more rushing to photograph a baby and toddler who are unable to follow complex directions!

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