Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ashlyn's 2 Month Checkup

Ashlyn had a couple of doctor's appointments on Tuesday. First, she got up bright and early to go see her neurosurgeon, Dr. S. We were in the examination room for 5 minutes max (gotta love those specialists)! Dr. S. looked at her incisions, felt her fontanelle, measured her head circumference, and inspected the fluid accumulation around her shunt.

He said everything looks great right now, and she is back to the 98% on her head circumference chart (she had been off the charts). He told me not to worry about the ridge along her coronal suture that it is nothing to be concerned about right now. Phew! He did mention that the fluid accumulation around her shunt is not necessarily a bad thing, but he usually sees it decreasing by this point. If the fluid continues to increase around the shunt, he mentioned he might consider a shunt revision in the future. But for now, everything is going just as it should be! We don't have to go back to see Dr. S. for 4 months. And if everything is still going so well, we will just have to have a checkup with him once a year.

Later we went to Ashlyn's 2 month checkup with her pediatrician, Dr. A. Drumroll please......

Here are her most recent stats:
Height: 22 1/4 inches (55%)
Weight: 11lbs 12oz (75%)
Head: 40.8 cm (98%)

In 3 weeks, she gained 1lb 4oz and 3/4 inches. My baby is growing up way too fast!!

The rest of the appointment went well. Dr. A did an assessment, which was completely normal. After talking with me, Dr. A decided to increase Gracie's dose of Zantac to 0.6ml twice a day. At the very end of the appointment, my sweet baby girl had to get 4 shots and 1 oral vaccine! Her reaction to the injections broke my is so sad to see your baby cry out in pain. Poor girl...but she was brave and only cried for a minute after the nurse was all done.

I cannot get over that my little angel is 2 months old.....And I cannot believe how great she is doing! I feel so blessed that everything is going so much better than I could have ever expected. Ashlyn Grace truly is my amazing little miracle. I feel so grateful that God has blessed us with her. Okay, I need to stop typing because I am already starting to get teary eyed!


  1. Go Ashlyn Go! What a big girl! I am so glad everything is going well for your perfect little family!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! It is wonderful that she is doing so well and that God continues to Bless her and your family everyday!