Monday, July 27, 2009

And It's Not Even Tax Season!

I headed to the mall last Friday because Gracie, my little boob-aholic, is growing like a weed. She has a long torso, and right now, 0-3 month size onesies fit perfectly, which means that in a week they will probably be too small.

While browsing the sale racks at Bon Ton (at least 70% off!), I came across this tacky onesie:
Some people might find this to be hilarious. I do not. I think any mother who thinks of their baby as a "tax deduction" should not be allowed to reproduce. Babies are a blessing because of their sweet innocence, the unconditional love they make a mother feel, and the joy they bring a family. Babies can make your life feel complete when all along you didn't think anything was missing.

It's no big secret that Braeden was not a planned pregnancy. I didn't imagine myself having babies for a long time, but as soon as I got pregnant with him, I could not bear to think about my life without my little guy. It's not because I get a break and don't have to pay Uncle Sam as much money each year on taxes....

It's because of how he smiles at me with his adorable dimples, how he says "mama," how he wakes up in the morning with so much life and energy, how he can carry on a whole conversation with himself in gibberish, how he pats my back during hugs....

And now we have Ashlyn Grace who continues to amaze me everyday, who has been through so much already but done so with strength and grace, who smiles at me and melts my heart, who is meeting milestones on time and making me so thankful that my prayers have been answered, who has taught me so much in such a short period of time about what is really important in life...

I could go on and on about how my babies makes me feel lucky to be alive and have a loving family. What they have to offer goes so much deeper than a couple thousand dollars more on my tax rebate check.

The sad thing is that there are mothers who keep popping out kids left and right for the benefits they can be given financially. I'm talking about mothers who abuse the welfare system. I'm talking about mothers who exploit their little ones for their own monetary gain (Jon and Kate....I'm talking about you!). I'm talking about mothers who dress their children in such attire making a mockery of what being a mother should be all about!

Phew, I think I am done venting.....Wow, it is funny how much one tacky onesie can throw me into a frenzy!

P.S. If you do actually find the onesies funny and think it is cute to dress you children up in them, I don't think you are a bad parent! I understand that sense of humors differ, and that an article of clothing does not define what kind of parent you are. But if you seriously think of your child as a tax deduction that is where I stop understanding and start judging.

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