Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Problem or Just Paranoid?

I don't know if I just am looking for things to be wrong with Ashlyn or what. The pediatrician's office must be getting sick and tired of my incessant phone calls with my motherly concerns. I swear I do not have Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome!

Most recently, I have noticed a ridge along Ashlyn's skull. It looks like the parietal bone is overlapping the frontal bone at the coronal sutures:

(FYI: Shunt is NOT on this side of head)

Now, I know that the sutures allow the bones to move during childbirth. But I thought the skull pretty quickly recovers after birth (most babies don't have a cone head for long!). Plus, she is over 6 weeks now, and I didn't notice this overlapping until 5 days ago. I also had a c-section so I wouldn't expect her skull to have to go through too much molding...although, it sounded like it was a tight squeeze to get her out of my transverse incision. I overheard the doctor asking for a vacuum retractor, but they never used it.

I read that when the sutures close too early (called craniosynostosis), problems can arise so I decided to call our doctor to let her know about the ridge. The nurse called back and gave me a quick response that it is "probably nothing." She told me that they would follow up on it at her next appointment unless I wanted to schedule it sooner. We go to see our neurosurgeon on July 28th so I decided I could wait to see him.

In the meantime, I have been google happy trying to find out if there is a connection with hydrocephalus/VP shunts and craniosynostosis. I can't find a great deal of information as of yet, but I should step away from the computer as over researching every little detail has driven me crazy in the past. Now, I have myself concerned that my Gracie might need to get a helmet or have another surgery in the future for cranial remodeling...Ugh, the worry never ends!


  1. korie - both of my boys had VERY distinct ridges like that when they were born and for the first few months. casey was bald and it was so obvious that people pointed it out all the time and scared me to death about it. the ped assured me over and over that it was nothing to worry about, and she was right. phew :-) if you want to see pics of casey's i'd be happy to email you. jj's was harder to see bc he had so much hair.

  2. Connor's sutures have closed to early and he will be having surgery at some point. I dont think it became alarmingly noticeable until he was six months or so. Connor's skull just like April said had a very distinct ridge feature and I was also scared to death.
    Connor's just never went away and once it started to get bigger I knew. Connors is at the forehead making it a triangle.
    If you are concerned talk to the ped. My recommendation though since I have been through this is request a CT scan instead of Xrays. The X rays for Connor showed it to be fine. THe CT scan was accurate.
    Good luck, Korie.


  3. Thanks ladies! I feel better knowing that it is still early and will probably go back to normal. I'll ask our neurosurgeon if we should get a CT scan now or wait it out.