Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trouble Should Be His Middle Name....

I almost died today of a heart attack thanks to my crazy toddler.....

After naptime, we came downstairs to the office where I got on the internet, and he played with his toys. He toddled out of the room into the living room. He often wanders to the living room to get his wagon full of toys and wheel it in to play. So I figured no big deal, he was just getting new toys to play with.

No more than 2 minutes pass when I realize that he is being surprisingly silent....Uh oh.....When Braeden is quiet, it usually means he is up to no good. I call, but he does not come to me like he normally would. I venture out to the living room and no Braeden. I check the nook (his unofficial playroom) and no Braeden. Dining Braeden. My heart starting beating super fast and my palms get sweaty. The front door remains closed and locked so I rule out that he has been kidnapped!

Then I spot the stairs....and notice the gate has been knocked over. Braeden is no where to be seen on the stairs. I call out to him and he pops out of the master bedroom and stands at the top of the stairs waving....If my heart weren't racing so fast, I would have probably find this situation pretty funny. I sprint up the stairs (9 months pregnant!) in order to keep him from falling. He gives me a big hug and the most innocent looking expression is on his face.....I told him that I would ground him if I knew how you ground a 13 month old and if he weren't so gosh darn cute!

I have decided that I am far too pregnant to keep up with my overactive little troublemaker....I child proof, but he has figured out how to scale baby gates and knock them over. I suppose I need to invest in the more expensive metal ones now! Either that or put him in a bubble!

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  1. Hehehehehe... Braeden and Eddie are a lot alike... Little stinkers.