Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Steals

I have been meaning to post a blog entry about a site that I love.....

Every day starting at 9am MST, a new deal is offered. Usually a baby item is priced 50-80% off and up for grabs. Today the deal is 81% (!) off a crib set. It is cute, but I don't need it. For $44 I was tempted though!

Lately some of the good deals I have seen include very cute diaper bags, wraps, swaddling blankets, and much much more. The baby goods are of high quality....many you find at those very chic baby boutiques. So this is a great way to get nice baby stuff without shelling out too much money.

Just one piece of advice....make sure to check the site early in the day because by afternoon many of the offers are sold out. Happy shopping everyone!

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