Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Prenatal Appointment!

So today we had our last prenatal appointment for this pregnancy!

NST first....

It went perfect. Ashlyn was showing off with a bunch of beautiful accelerations. And she got the hiccups at the end! The nurse who did the NST this week was so friendly and compassionate too.

Ultrasound next....
Head size is still measuring big. Ventricles are well over 30mm this week. Luckily, the increases in the head and ventricle sizes are not terribly alarming. With her big head size, the estimated weight was 10lbs 2oz! Yikes!! Good thing I am getting a c-section. Taking into consideration how I feel her in my belly and my mother's intuition, I think she will probably weigh around 9lbs....I guess we will find out on Monday!

Doctor Appointment....
You would think at the last appointment before our c-section, we would see a doctor. Nope...nurse practitioner again. I wouldn't mind seeing an NP, but this one didn't do anything. She just asked me what questions I had and that was it. No physical assessment of any kind since I got an NST and ultrasound already.

C-section is still on for Monday, June 1st at 9:30am...unless of course I go into labor on my own (keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen!). I just need to have some pre-op bloodwork done tomorrow morning and show up on Monday at 8am. I cannot believe in 3 days, we will meet Ashlyn Grace!!

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