Monday, May 11, 2009

Everything is Falling Apart

Literally....everything in my house is breaking! Here is the rundown:

1) Our dryer has died....well just the heating thing so that should be an easy fix tomorrow when the dryer guy comes over.

2) Our kitchen sink is leaking like crazy. My dad told Chris what parts we need to replace so we just need to take a trip to Home Depot.

3) Our bathroom sink is backed up....again. This is an ongoing issue. Periodically, we just need to get some Draino to unclog the pipes.

4) Our shower door handle fell off. I have been wanting to replace that ugly shower door with a pretty shower curtain.

That is all I think....doesn't sound like too much when I write it down. But this all needs to be taken care of before Ashlyn arrives! Not to mention all the other crap that needs to be done. The nursery is in disarray and is in desperate need of organization. I have absolutely no newborn clothes washed yet. And some baby stuff still needs to be assembled. But of course, my nesting is being put on hold due to all these little inconveniences that have arisen. The doctors better have been joking when they said that a 37 week c-section might be in the cards....One week is not enough time!

Addendum: After the dryer guy came over, he told us that our electrical seriously needs to be addressed ASAP....Apparently, the old owners did not care about safety and did some pretty shady things electrically. He basically said that the outlet the dryer plugs into is so dangerous that if we were to have wet feet and touch the dryer, there is a very good possibility we could get electrocuted and die. So add, hire an electrician to fix our screwy electrical system to the list....In good news, the dryer is an easy fix, he just needs to come back on Friday with a new part. And the kitchen sink is now fixed (thanks to my very handy hubby!), but unfortunately that means that I actually have to do the dishes.....

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  1. I'm wish you grow an extra set of hands so you can get everything done!