Monday, May 11, 2009


I am freaking out! Today, I was shopping at Babies R Us when a women comes in to return a bunch of baby stuff. Eavesdropping, I learned that she is a new grandma and is helping her daughter return all girly baby items. Apparently, they were told the baby was definitely 100% a female. Fast forward to delivery day....SURPRISE! The baby definitely 100% had a penis!!

I know I know...I have had like 50 million ultrasounds....But they don't look at the genitals anymore. So for all I know, Ashlyn could turn into an Austin after all....Scary thought! If I wanted a delivery day shock, I would have opted to keep the gender a secret.

Seriously though, I don't doubt Ashlyn is a girl...that ultrasound picture of her girly parts is pretty obvious! Still, this encounter just got me thinking about the what ifs and has be freaked out. Ugh, as if I didn't have enough to stress over right now.....
Friday at my next ultrasound, I am going to ask for a final verification that my daughter does not have a penis! In the meantime, I am hanging on to all my receipts!
Oh, I am 36 weeks today. I cannot believe how soon Ashlyn will be here. I am so not ready.....I need at least 2 weeks to prepare. Luckily, I am officially on maternity leave starting May 15th!!

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  1. I can't wait to see pics of her :) And yeah, I would say that ultrasound is pretty conclusive...