Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to the Hot Zone

The Kelly household is officially a hot zone for H1N1 (despite 2 of the 4 members receiving the vaccine!). Everyone expect Ashlyn (thank God!) is sick. I have the oh-so-sexy cough that inevitably accompanies every illness I contract and will undoubtedly last through the holiday season. Blah.....

Before I came down with the flu, I was designated as house nurse. I even gave Chris a cow bell to ring if he needed anything...and to my surprise he did not use it once. If I give my patients their call bell, they will ring it every 5 minutes for trivial matters unrelated to whatever is requiring them to bogart an ICU bed.

My advice: anyone that can, get your H1N1 vaccine....and then hibernate for 2 weeks until you have full immunity. I don't have a bad case of H1N1, but this still sucks!

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