Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I am thankful for FAMILY.

I am thankful for Ashlyn who continues to amaze me everyday. Hard to believe that late last December we were told by a doctor to consider termination! She truly is my inspiration.

I am thankful for Braeden who is the sweetest, most loving big brother. He may be entering the terrible twos early, but he is still my favorite little guy in the whole world!

I am thankful for Chris, my husband. He is a wonderful husband and an even better father. I am extremely grateful that he is such an awesome dad. He is very involved in every aspect of their lives. From playtime to doctor's appointments, he is there for the good times and bad, the hugs and the temper tantrums. It is great to have a partner when things get stressful with raising 2 under 2. I don't know how I could do it without him. Single moms out there, I am in awe of you!

I am thankful for my mom. She is my best friend and always so supportive of me. Now that I am a mother, I have come to the realization that I am my mother's daughter. I might joke that I am turning into my mother....but you know what? That is not a bad thing! Although I was not able to spend Thanksgiving with her this year, I am thankful that she was able to be in California instead. She treated herself to a trip to Cali to visit my brother. Speaking of my brother....

I am thankful that my brother (AKA Uncle Chris) is a Young American doing his thing on the West coast. He has a great role in the "new kid show," is making new friends, and seems to be very happy even though he is super busy now. I am very proud of my little brother!

I am thankful for my dad. I am very proud of him because he has finally kicked his nicotine addiction! YAY, no more tobacco!!! Braeden and Ashlyn need "Bop-pa" around afterall. As a nurse, I am know the importance of quitting, but I also understand how hard it is. I am also thanful for Chantix (tobacco users talk to your doctors about trying it...I have heard from quite a few people who finally found success quitting with it).

I am thankful for my in-laws. In-laws don't always get a great rap....but mine are pretty awesome! I feel right at home with them. I remember when I first met them when Chris and I started dating, and I was so shy and timid....not anymore!

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