Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sense the Sarcasm?!

Dear Waterloo Premium Outlets,

Thank you so much for having 50 million mechanical rides throughout the mall. Afterall, I did not really intend on doing any Xmas shopping. My goal for the day was to spend $5 in quarters so that Braeden could happily ride on Batman, Superman, Dumbo, Snoopy, Big Bird, Elmo and Zoey, Pooh Bear, Puma, Mickey, a generic dinosaur, and Bob the Builder. And I just love dealing with a screaming kid whenever I do anything resembling shopping.

Oh and the fact that the rental strollers are shaped like cars and displayed outside of the food court made my day. After all, anything shaped like a car (or "broom broom") is worth trying to pull a Houdini and escape from a boring old stroller.

This sarcastic shopaholic does sincerely thank you for the fact that your design plan aided in our leaving after only spending $40 (well, make that $45 when you count the quarters)!

♥ Korie

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