Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Next a Muzzle?

I bought Braeden a leash. I do believe that was the hardest sentence I have ever had to type.....

For as long as I can remember, I have vowed to never put my child on a leash. Afterall, I didn't birth a beagle; I have a human baby. I even have a hard time when I see a cat on a leash. I am still torn about baby leashes, but I suppose I have had a change of heart....Here is why:

1. Handholding is hard to do with someone who barely clears your knees.

2. I am NOT going to be that parent that lets her child run free like a wild animal. Plus, now that I am hugely pregnant, I do not have the energy to sprint after my child who is making a beeline for the street, the cute little girl's pigtails, or what may or may not be a discarded crack pipe at the local park (ahhh, the perks of city living...FYI mom that was a totally hypothetical situation....I think I stole it from Look Who's Talking).

3. I am all about letting Braeden "self explore" (no...not like that). In Little Gym, we are supposed to let our babies learn by exploring on their own. I think it is important, and I am lucky that Braeden has never been overly clingy. I encourage Braeden to lead the way when we are at the park, and it is always fun to see what he is drawn to (the sea gulls, bark chips, other people's strollers). But it just is not responsible to let him take the lead in the middle of a busy playground expecially near roads, piers, and crowds of sketchy individuals. The leash allows me to give him about 2 feet of independence, but I am always right there to maintain his safety and intervene in a flash.

4. At this age, I don't think leashes are that bad. When he is taller and follows directions consistently, I will untether my child from my wrist and let him free. But until then, my curious little guy makes mama nervous.

5. You know I didn't get the standard baby leash....I got the super cute monkey backpack harness. It is not just a leash...It is a stylish baby accessory.

6. Only on rare occasions will Braeden be put on his leash....mainly just for trips to the park and when exploring the great outdoors. I felt kind of embarassed having my little man on a leash while at the park today so who knows if I can brave the other moms' judgmental glares (paranoid much?) in the future.
7. Look how cute he looks:

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  1. Eddie has that one too :) When he is a more advanced walker he will definitely be wearing it. Braeden looks so cute wearing it :)