Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best News Ever....

After my torturous 3 hour glucose tolerance test, I had been fasting for 12 hours, which when you are pregnant that is like equivalent to 3 weeks I think. So of course, I headed right to a drive through for lunch. I was on a mission to go to Tim Horton's to get one of those new wraps, and imagine my complete and utter joy.....when I found out that Tim Horton's is now half TH and half Coldstone Creamery! What a great much better than those joint KFCs and Taco Bell me and my dad used to get a kick out of when I was younger.

It was like a mirage...but instead of being parched and in the desert, I was starving (figuratively, not literally) and in heaven! Of course, I could not turn down the ice cream....Probably not the best idea, I could possibly be facing gestational diabetes and here I am ordering a "love it" portion of the cheesecake fantasy. But I am rationalizing it as my last supper kind of a thing just in case I do have "the diabetes."

Better news....I just googled Coldstone Creamery to check the locations. And it looks like there will be a CC coming to Greece!! Just 2.62 miles away according to mapquest! Now I am just saying a little prayer that my 3 hour test puts me in the clear to OD on as much "gotta have it" sized cones as I want for the next 9 weeks or so.....after which the postpartum diet will begin :(

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