Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

My April Fool's Joke did not go over very well....I pranked my mom, and she was not amused! Being pregnant I used the easiest available prank at my disposal....telling her my water broke, and I was on my way to the hospital. Instead of being keen to the date on the calendar, she tells me she is on her way to the hospital right away to meet me there. By the time I was able to say "April Fool's", she was probably already in her car! She ended up hanging up on me and later informed me it was not in the least bit funny.

I know I know....if I were closer to my due date it would be one thing, but since I still have two months to go, I should have figured this prank would not go over well. But I couldn't use my standard April Fool's Joke I play on my mom....pretending I got myself knocked up out of wedlock (well I ruined that one when I actually did get myself pregnant with Braeden before Chris and I tied the knot...).

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