Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pre-K Bound!

Remember when you were applying for colleges and how exciting it was to get that big envelope in the mail? Well, as a parent, it is just as exciting and nervewrecking getting a Pre-K acceptance letter in the mail! 

Braeden has a spot in Pre-K for the Fall!

Upon opening, we discovered Braeden will be attending a Pre-K at a local elementary school that is about 5 minutes from our home in the afternoons.  This will work out great!  I can drop B off at school, make a quick stop at the Wegmans across the street if we need any groceries and get home in time to put the girls down for their afternoon naps.

I am reluctant about going the public school route, but I have decided to use our Pre-K experiences as a way to test drive the public school district.  If we are not satisfied, we will strongly consider going the Catholic school route instead.

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