Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Trip!

Last week, we took an impromptu drive up to Canada to see the Niagara Falls with the babies. It was our first "day-cation" with the babies, and I must say went quite smoothly!

Chris looks thrilled....
Braeden being a happy camper in the backseat.

Mommy happy to be getting out of the house on a random Thursday! Braeden kicking daddy in the crotch....
We later switched over to the double stroller for fears of future fertility problems!
Checking out the Falls!
The ladies!
Me and my girl
Whoops....left zoom on!
Take 2....Hershey Store....
We left without buying anything! Yay, willpower!
Starbucks Break
Time for B to stretch his legs!
Awwww....B's first girlfriend!
Okay, he just wanted to steal her juicebox!
The girls!
Daddy's little princess
Crossing the border where we witnessed racial profiling at its finest....
Braeden passed out before we got back to the States!

One random story from our trip.....While Braeden was running around the park, Ashlyn got hungry so I started breastfeeding her right in broad daylight. Now, I normally do not breastfeed in public, and when I do I use a nursing cover. However, I didn't have a cover with me, and I felt liberated being in a different country so I went for it. I was not flashing my boobs around...I was being discreet about it. As Ashlyn is eating, three Muslim men walk into the park to do their afternoon prayers. I felt so awkward and worried I was offending them! Luckily, they didn't seem to care or notice. But I have learned a valuable lesson, I am modest and am not the type that is carefree enough to just whip my boob out without warning! Timed perfectly, the very next day, the babysteal of the day was a hooter hider for 50% off....I snagged on without thinking twice!

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