Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally Forward Facing

I finally got around to turning Braeden's carseat forward. The old recommendation was over 20lbs and 1 year, and you were all set to turn the carseat forward. But at 1 year, B was not 20 lbs so I left him as he was.

Once, he reached 20 lbs, I kept hearing all this hoopla about the recommendation changing to rear facing as long as possible. Well, I thought, that's easy....B is on the smaller side, he should do just fine having rear facing for another year or so. Or so I thought....

B recently figured out how to wiggle out of his shoulder straps. After many readjustments, I realized that it was not my fault or the carseat's fault. B is too smart for his own good! Whenever he wanted to turn around to see me or grab a toy or sippy cup that fell, he would figure out how to move the clip down in order for him to slip his arms out....My little houdini left me no choice....After all a buckled forward facing toddler is a whole lot safer than an unbuckled rear facing toddler!

I turned the carseat around today and am not looking back (and neither is Braeden anymore!). He seemed to enjoy the new view, and I could found it much easier to pass him a toy or sippy cup whenever he started fussing. I could turn around and look right at him at stop lights, and he got a big kick out of that!

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