Friday, August 14, 2009

About Time!

Finally, here are the lost JCP portraits.....They were taken back at the end of June, but I had yet to post them because experience with the photographer was not still bums me out thinking about that day.

It was pouring outside before we came in. We were early, but the photographer still rushed us in and out. We weren't given a chance to brush through our hair. I had picture ideas bookmarked, but the photographer didn't even ask to see them. When I asked to try a certain pose I saw hanging on their wall, she gave this exasperated sigh and reluctantly agreed.

She kept saying that Ashlyn looked funny because she was only half opening her eyes. Hello, she was 3 weeks old! You need to be patient with newborns, and then you will get a good picture. Just clicking the camera and moving on will not result in a good photo.....

I was hoping to get a good family picture. Unfortunately, I hated how I (mainly my hair) looked in all of them. No way was I going to get a picture blown up to display in the living room with my hair wet from the rain and in my face!

Despite how horrible I looked and the crappy photographer, we got some very cute pics of the babies. After all, Braeden is so photogenic, and Ashlyn is such a precious angel.

If we return to JCP for portraits, I will make sure to request Teresa, the girl who took all of the photographs of Braeden as a baby. She is so patient and fun during the entire session. She asks me for my opinions, and isn't afraid to tell me to get my hair out of my face! And she does this crazy sound effect that makes Braeden put the happiest smile on his face.

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  1. Your kiddos are beautiful! You even look good with hair in your face;)