Thursday, June 25, 2009

Babies....very expensive!

I knew raising a girl would be expensive in the long run....but this is ridiculous!

In case the picture is not clear....that is $27,213.11! And there are even more notices like this one at home for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Holy crap....luckily as the notice says "this is not a bill." Good thing because I will not be paying that much!

Thankfully, our claims just have to be re-billed to Chris's insurance. Then we will just have to pay a more reasonable $300-ish. Still, my eyeballs nearly popped out of the sockets when I saw this bill! So much so I had to post this and Perez Hilton-ize it!


  1. Isn't it crazy! Hunters we got at bill for 64,000.00 before Hunter was even out of the hospital! Thank goodness for insurance! Can you imagine the bills from the wee ones that are in the NICU for a year or more? Yikes!

  2. That's nuts. I just got a $2400 bill - which I have no insurance for - for a 90 minute ER visit where all they did was a UA. I would've been better off dying at home. :p