Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Wish

Happy 24th birthday to me! For my birthday celebration, we went to The Plum Garden for a family dinner. When it came time for me to make a wish and blow out my birthday candles....I wished the first thing that came into my mind in the moment....I wished for a baby girl! I have said all along that I don't care either way. In fact, I almost was leaning towards boy because it would be easier that way since Braeden will be so close in age with his little sibling. I feel so guilty about wishing for a girl. Secretly, I guess I do have a preference. My mom and I have always been super close so I guess that sparks my desire for my own little girl. Plus, all the newborn dresses are adorable! December 29th is the big ultrasound....I cannot wait to see if my wish comes true!

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