Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Shunt-a-versary!

(June 3, 2009 s/p VP shunt placment)

Ashlyn Grace's VP shunt is 3 years old!  Is it silly celebrating the birthday of an inanimate object?  Not at all!  After all, for a child with hydrocephalus, this medical device, which drains excess fluid off of the brain, is a matter of life and death.  Ashlyn is an energenic, normally developing 3 year old diva thanks to her shunt.  Many hydro kids are not as lucky to have such a reliable shunt and require frequent revisions and replacements.  I am blessed that we have gone 3 years with no major problems and pray for many more surgery-free years!    

We spent Ashlyn's "shunt-a-versary" at the Strong National Museum of Play, our favorite place in Rochester!!  We had a blast as usual, and I was overjoyed to be able to watch Ashlyn playing like any other normal, happy, healthy 3 year old.  Thank you VP shunt!  You rock and that excess CSF doesn't stand a chance against you.  Happy birthday!!   

 Ashlyn and Daddy giving hula hooping a whirl!

The gang hanging out at Sesame Street.

Papa teaching Ashlyn how to play the archaic video games from back in "his day".  

My 3 year old is a genius...she can play a mean game of chess!
(Of course, by chess, I mean just randomly moving pieces around with a intense look on your face.)


  1. hi...I'm Manda from Indonesia.
    our daughters are same, they are with hydrocephalus.
    my daughter is Filza, she is 18 months now.
    I'm happy to find your blog that I can be more optimistic in my life :)

    1. Sorry I didn't see this comment until now....I have been taking a bit of a blogging break! I am glad my blog has been able to give you optimism while dealing with the very scary and complex diagnosis of hydrocepahlus. Sending thoughts and prayers for your daughters. :)